The Horti’s Gardening Calendar - April

April 1, 2018

Gardening really gets going in April. It is a very busy month planting seeds and transplanting various crops that have been brought on elsewhere.

Tips for April


1. Plant potatoes

Once the potatoes are chitted they can be planted in trenches in the ground or in bags. Bags work very well if you are short of space or fancy trying a few potatoes of a different variety. Specially designed potato fertiliser is available to help improve your yield.








2. Plant shallots



If your shallots have been started off in small pots, once the roots have filled the pots plant out into the ground. Also, garlic can be transplanted into the soil.








3. Onion sets

Stored onion sets can be started off on compost in trays, for about a week, then put out into the ground. Leave this until towards the end of the month


















4. Plant parsnips

At the beginning of the month plant seeds directly into the ground. Parsnips can be sown directly this early. Tender and True is tried and tested in Helensburgh.











5. Plant food crops

By the end of the month the soil should be warm enough to do some serious planting of food crops such as beetroot, broad beans, carrots, chard, and peas.








6. Sow leeks