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Making the most of fruit in your garden - Evening Talk 11th Jan

On a dreich mid-January night, we were delighted to welcome Joanna Gough to talk about Making the Most of fruit in your garden. We were also delighted by the numbers of members that attended on such a bad weather night - all enthusiastically looking forward to the better weather and Spring arriving.

Joanna challenged Society members to think differently about fruit, and took us on a journey of more trendy and 'exotic'(well, at least for the west coast of Scotland) fruit.

We went on a journey of Lingonberry, Goji Berry and even outdoor grape vines:

To get some hints and tips on growing Lingonberry, Goji berry or outdoor grapes vines - download the cultivation recommendations from Joanna.


Top Ten Fruit Tips

Joanna finished the fascinating talk by providing us all with her top ten fruit tips, covering:

Top tip #1 Choice of apple cultivar

Top tip #2 Blackcurrant

Top tip #3 Blueberry

Top tip #4 Gooseberry

Top tip # 5 Redcurrants

Top tip #6 Pears

Top tip #7 Strawberry

Top tip #8 Raspberry

Top tip #9 Bramble

Top tip #10 Rhubarb

Download Joanna's recommendations to read more about these top tips.


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