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Gardening at Kilarden - Evening Talk 8th Feb

Carol Rowe of Kilarden certainly helped to brighten a dreich, cold February evening as she took us on a photographic tour of her beautiful garden at Rosneath.

Garden at Kilarden

Arriving with eight trailer-loads of rhododendrons from their former garden in Edinburgh, she and her late husband Jimmy over the last 17 years have transformed 20 acres of woodland and rhododendron into what it is today.

Faced with the vagaries of west coast winds and rain, and marauding deer and slugs Carol continues to develop the orchard, fruit and vegetable gardens while maintaining her passion for rhododendron, of which there are many fine specimens.

Kilarden - gardening

Kilarden has been open over 17 consecutive years as part of Scotland’s Gardens scheme raising many thousands of pounds for Friends of St. Modans and will be open again on 23rd April 2017.We were delighted to welcome Carol Rowe as our second speaker in 2017.....


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