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Local schools' bulb competition - and the winner is...

Schools' Bulb Competition

The schools' bulb competition starts in the Autumn with volunteers packing over 1,000 bulbs ((hyacinths and Tête à Tête narcissi) into individual packs for local primary schools.

Bulb packing at Ardarden Farm

These bulb packs were distributed to 522 children in classes 4 & 5 of the 13 Primary Schools in Helensburgh & Lomond District.

The bulbs were judged at Ardardan on Friday 10th Feb. Colgrain Primary School and Arrochar Primary School jointly won the Ardardan Shield - achieving the same number of points. Well done to both schools!

Winners of the medals were:

Hyacinth: Primary 4’s

Gold Medal - Archie Fiddes Arrochar Primary

Silver Medal - Isabel Barrowman Colgrain Primary

Bronze Medal - Aiden O’Conner Hermitage Primary

Tête à Tête: primary 5’s

Gold Medal - Iona Davis Noble Colgrain Primary

Silver Medal - Ella Mustarde Arrochar Primary

Bronze Medal - Katie Hogg Lomond Primary

Take a look at the bulbs from different schools - well done to all that took part!


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