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A snowdrop wonderland

HGHS’s first outing of 2017 was a visit to Cambo Estate in Fife during the Annual Snowdrop Season.

Snowdrop carpet

Snowdrops abound here with around 300 different varieties to be enjoyed in the gardens close to the house and vast carpets of the more common Galanthus Nivalis (single) and Galanthus Flore Pleno (double) mixed with winter aconite and leucojum vernum( Spring Snowflake) lighting up the woodlands on a beautiful sunny day.

The walled garden is a delight, even on a cold February day and while some of us marvelled at the reinstated Victorian style glasshouses and their computerised heating system others enjoyed a tour of the winter garden learning interesting snowdrop facts from a very knowledgable young gardener. Some enjoyed the antics of the young pigs and most members of our party spent a fair amount of time - and money - in the plant sales area.

All of this and a good lunch - a great day out!


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