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Broadwoodside Garden and Smeaton Nursery - Summer Outing July 2017

Wednesday 12th July, dawned beautifully for our two garden visits, and we set off, pleased that nature was on our side for travelling through quaint villages to reach our first destination, Broadwoodside Garden.

The garden was created around an old farm steading, which the owners have converted to one of the most beautifully set out gardens. We marvelled at the stunning borders filled to capacity with every plant imaginable, and all managed with the help of only one gardener. There are also quirky sculptures placed at intervals throughout, that certainly gave some of us who have the space, ideas to try our hand at making use of various tiles, wood and metal which we may have lying around our own property.

The visit culminated with our witnessing a farrier at work on his mobile forge, shoeing two of the owners' magnificent white horses. They stood so patiently while the smith carried out his work. This was the perfect ending to our visit to this spectacular garden.

Our second visit was to Smeaton garden centre, where we had a delicious lunch, after which we wandered round the nursery viewing and buying many of the unusual and common plants for sale.

We returned to the bus fully laden with our trophies, which our driver carefully packed into the boot for transport home.

Morgan, our driver, was most accommodating and knowledgeable, finding the quickest way home at a time when the roads are at their busiest. We arrived home at the stated time, tired and happy, after a very enjoyable days outing.


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