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Judging Show Gardens at Chelsea - Evening Talk 13th Sept

The first meeting of the HGHS 2017/ 2018 programme started with a superb evening with Lesley Watson and Dougal Philip, both senior RHS Show Garden judges for many years.

For those of us who often wonder why a certain garden wins Best in Show e.g. James Basson's Abandoned Maltese Quarry Garden, or other gardens, such as Chris Beardmore's Morgan Stanley Garden, fail to do so, their lively, illustrated presentation, peppered with humorous anecdotes, certainly gave great insight and understanding of how the gardens are judged. The large number of hoops which exhibitors must successfully clear and the dedication of Show Garden Judges and competitors alike.

Lesley and Dougal own and run New Hopetoun Gardens in West Lothian. Dougal is Chairman of Perennial, The Horticulturist's Charity formerly known as Gardeners' Royal Benevolent Society.


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