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Development and Restoration of the Gardens at Dun Dubh - Evening Talk 11th Oct

Callum Pirnie, Garden Manager at Dun Dubh in the Trossachs took us on a journey, which began nine years ago. He explained how the Neglected late Victorian garden, west of Aberfoyle, had for decades been quietly disappearing into a sea of invading Rhododendron and how he had lovingly restored and developed it to the highest quality expected of its owner.

The garden along with its setting are spectacular, perched on the side of Dun Dubh hill, it looks down the length of Loch Ard towards Ben Lomond, set against a framework of woodland and heather-covered hills, and is sure to feature on one of our garden tours next year.

Callum's passion, knowledge and inspiration together with his beautiful photographs made for an excellent talk.


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