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Local Schools' Bulb Competition 2018

Schools' Bulb Competition

It seems a long time ago, when we packed over 1,000 bulbs (hyacinths and Tête à Tête narcissi) into individual packs for local primary schools. Fast forward to March, and despite the heavy snow the competition was set up and judged only four days late.

The display was amazingly good in spite of weather related trials and tribulations, and can be seen at Ardardan Estate.. The decision was reluctantly made not to award the Ardardan Shield this year as the bulbs had endured such variable conditions in the days leading up to judging. Some were collected as scheduled, others arrived just before the big snowfall and suffered badly, whilst others were trapped snug and warm in schools for the next five/six days and were either over-heated and faded, or enjoyed the extra period of protection and blossomed beautifully. Meantime, a fantastic combined team of Horti helpers and Ardardan staff did an amazing job to ensure the competition could go ahead.

The children will all receive certificates and are to be congratulated on successfully growing a large number of beautiful flowers. Take a look at the bulbs from different schools - well done to all that took part!


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