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Shepherd House - Summer Outing June 2018

Our day in East Lothian began with a visit to Macplants, a specialist in herbaceous perennials, alpines and grasses. In fact if you are looking for a particular plant, this is the nursery for you. Our group took full advantage and, surprise surprise , filled the boot of the coach.

Our afternoon visit to Shepherd House was a revelation! The owners, Charles and Ann Frazer, explained that the house and garden were sited on a Roman camp which gave it a rich, neutral to alkaline soil. It is very much an artist’s garden designed by Ann Frazer over many years with exquisite blends of colour.

There were irises of every imaginable shade in one area; many arches and pillars covered by beautiful climbing roses (even one covering a dark holly tree). We particularly loved the cornus trees, looking at their best in a perfect setting.

It is said to be one of the best small gardens in Scotland and we completely agree!


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