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Gordon Castle Walled Garden - Evening Talk 10th Oct

Ed Bollom, our October speaker has been at Gordon Castle for over three years where he is now Head Gardener. Ed gave us some of the interesting history of Gordon Castle Walled Garden from its creation in the 18th Century when over 40 gardeners supplied the needs of the residents of the grand castle that existed that time.

Following two world wars the garden declined and most of the castle was demolished due to dry and wet rot, and after years of producing raspberries for sale to Baxters Foods the garden lay neglected and empty for decades.

In 2011 Zara and Angus Gordon - Lennox began restoration on a grand scale. One of the oldest, largest kitchen gardens in Britain the restoration plan was designed by Arne Maynard and in 5 short years , although still a work in progress has become the fabulous, productive garden that it is today providing fresh produce to the restaurant that has been developed within its walls, fruits, herbs and botanicals for the Gordon Brand's 200 + products that include soaps, jams, preserves, cider, gin and the bottled plums that , apparently Her Majesty the Queen has for breakfast each morning.

The planting of the garden is ingenious and fascinating with pictures of the many vegetable crops grown, fruit trees reinstated ( of which there are over 249, many of them the original heritage varieties), introduction of new fruits to the garden such as a cherry orchard, and intriguing growing methods. I particularly love the idea of "step-over apple trees". Too much to tell you about here so I fully recommend a visit to their website where you can read all about it, but best of all a visit to this garden is a MUST.


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