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Brian Cunningham The Gardens of Scone Palace - Evening Talk 12th February

Great evening with excellent speaker, Brian Cunningham last night, with a comprehensive history of Scone from Roman times through the ages, and how the estate developed to become a lavishly planted garden with beds, borders and a huge, 4 acre walled garden tended by squads of gardeners, through its decline, and current more modest revival.

There remain the remnants of a majestic 14 ft high cast- iron framed peach house; one of at least three glasshouses, which sadly would take too much to repair or replace.

Brian's now works with a team of just six gardeners and a large group of enthusiastic volunteers to restore the landscape to Louden's original design, redesigning beds and trailing plants to find those that are not to the taste of the local deer population, manicuring the magnificent maze and Boston Ivy clad palace walls under the watchful eyes of Lord and Lady Mansfield. This was an information packed evening - I have only scratched the surface of what was revealed to us and fully recommend a visit to Scone this year.


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