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Christmas Arrangements

Here are a couple of ideas to use houseplants and foliage from your garden to decorate your house for December.

The simplest and easiest way to use houseplants is to choose some with festive colours and group them together in festive looking containers; I’ve used ones I happen to have, but you could buy more Christmassy looking ones, or get going with ribbons, tinsel etc if you feel so inclined.

You can use jars and glasses to put a mixture of living plants and foliage from your garden into an arrangement. I’ve used a cyclamen, shrub leaves and ivy in mine, and added a couple of baubles just to make it a little more seasonal.

Simplest of all way to use foliage from your garden is just to arrange it in a large container. (I’ve wrapped mine in some leftover fabric to brighten it up – you could use a scarf.) I’ve used hellebore, cotoneaster and griselina in my jar, but any evergreen can look lovely indoors at this time of year. Then raid the christmas box for some decorations to add.

After the December Evening Talk I’m sure you’ll be inspired to use plants with Christmas meanings. Herbs can be very decorative at this time of year.


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