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COVID-19 notice: stay safe and keep gardening!

We apologise for reduced communication over the last few weeks on our web site and Facebook page, and hope that everyone is staying safe and well during this lockdown.

Our AGM in April had to be postponed, along with cancellation of meetings and other events and activities planned this spring/summer.

Our Alternative Plant Sale was a great success. Many thanks to Graham Greenwell, Kathleen Murray and all who helped supply, and deliver plants - all socially distanced of course.

The fate of the Annual Flower and Vegetable Show at the end of August has yet to be determined but we shall keep you informed over the next few weeks.

Meantime, please keep in touch, we are here to answer emails and comments on the website and Facebook and please send any photographs of your gardens so that others can enjoy seeing the fruits of your labour this season. Also we will be looking to bring you updates of what is growing down the allotment.

We continue to welcome new members. Please download the membership application form on the membership page, even though it is for 2019/2020. As we haven't had the AGM it hasn't be possible to update this for 20/21.

Hopefully there will be more news this week from the Scottish Government that will help us plan events later this summer.

Meantime - Stay Safe and Happy Gardening , and maybe take this opportunity to browse through our past events and activities in the blog.


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