The Horti’s Gardening Calendar - February

Slowly but surely the days are getting longer and gardening seems a possibility again. Spring has almost arrived.

Tips for February

1. Put right any storm damage


After several storms, it is a good idea to pick a sunny calm day and go outside and tidy up. There will be a lot of debris and damage to put right. Also a lot of soggy brown dead foliage which needs collecting or cutting back.

2. Visit a snowdrop garden

Visit a snowdrop garden, there are several in the area, Ardardan has a good display in the woodland to the east of the poly tunnels. Also admire them in your own garden, if you have none, make a mental note to buy some bulbs in the green over the next couple of months, or ask friends to divide a clump or two.

3. Check the rhubarb

Look to see if you can pick any forced Rhubarb yet, you may have to wait until March. If you see it for sale, make sure it is from the Yorkshire triangle, traditionally grown.

4. Plant softneck garlic

Plant softneck garlic in individual small pots and put outside where they will get cold. Also, elephant garlic (not a true garlic, but lovely in the Autumn) can be planted in this way

5. Plant shallots

Shallots can also be planted in small, individual pots, but keep in a cold greenhouse or coldframe until March

6. Planning your garden

Order seeds, if you haven’t done so already.

7. Keep looking after the birds

Make sure the bird feeders are kept in good order and cleaned regularly.

8. Prune fruit trees

As usual, check round the garden. Trees need to have their ties loosened, fruit trees can be pruned, except those in the plum family. They are done in the summer to avoid silver leaf.

9. Prune Buddleja

Prune Buddleja hard back to where buds are swelling

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