The Horti’s Gardening Calendar - October

You might be new to gardening, the West coast of Scotland, or just looking for some tips on what to do this month in the garden. Below are some hints and tips for the garden in October.

Tips for October

Plant bulbs

Short stemmed bulbs work well in the West Coast of Scotland. Try the following five:

1. Crocus - Remembrance

2. Narcissi – Tete a Tete

3. Iris Reticulata – Harmony

4. Hyacinth – White Pearl

5. Alliums

Buy, but don’t plant Tulips yet. Wait until November to plant. Two good choices are:

Red Riding Hood

Persian Pearl – best in a small pot

Divide perennials

Divide perennials in the garden and pot up any spare for the Members Plant Stall next May, or share with a friend.

  • Geranium

  • Day Lillies

  • Sea Holly

Spring flowering

Buy plants for Spring flowering and plant them out.

  • Wallflowers

  • Sweet William

Garden tidy up

Tidy up by weeding, collecting leaves which can be stored for a couple of years to make mulch, store stray pots out of the wind, put light weight furniture away.

Next month - best seed catalogues to order.

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