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The Horti’s Gardening Calendar - October

As the days draw shorter, Autumn is definitely here. However there are still things you can do in the garden - so see below for hints and tips for the garden in October.

Plant bulbs

Short stemmed bulbs work well in the West Coast of Scotland. Try the following five:

1. Crocus - Remembrance

2. Narcissi – Tete a Tete

3. Iris Reticulata – Harmony

4. Hyacinth – White Pearl

5. Alliums

Buy, but don’t plant Tulips yet. Wait until November to plant. Two good choices are:

Red Riding Hood

Persian Pearl – best in a small pot

Divide perennials

Divide perennials in the garden and pot up any spare for the Plant Sale next May, or share with a friend.

  • Geranium

  • Day Lillies

  • Sea Holly

Spring flowering

Buy plants for Spring flowering and plant them out.

  • Wallflowers

  • Sweet William

Garden tidy up

  • Tidy up by weeding, collecting leaves which can be stored for a couple of years to make mulch,

  • Dig up Jerusalem artichokes if you grow them

  • Lavender and rosemary bushes can be trimmed back now. Do not cut into old wood

  • Weed and tidy up vegetable beds

  • Clear tomato plants out of the greenhouse

  • Earth up or stake brussels sprouts

  • Trim off old leaves and runners from strawberry plants

  • Apply an autumn feed to your lawns

  • Harvest your apples when the fruits come away from the tree with a light twist. If your apple trees are trained as espaliers, fans etc, prune some of the new growth now.

  • Cut down asparagus stems and mulch the plants with well rotted manure or compost


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