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Sow it. Grow it. Love it! Sweet Peas - growing diary

The last weekend in February was very busy with over 800 sweet pea seeds sown! The plants (including perennial sweet peas) will be on sale at the Society's Plant Sale on Saturday 7th May.

However if you would like to grow your own it isn't too late. These potted seeds are now being held in a cool greenhouse, and below are some photos and steps on what to do. Further photos will be uploaded over the next couple of months as they start to grow.

Step 1 - Fill root trainers or grow tubes 3/4 full with multi-purpose compost.

Step 2. Water thoroughly

Step 3. Fill with dry compost from the bag.
Step 4. Make a hole 3/4 ins deep

Step 5. Sow seed - one seed per tube
Step 6. Back-fill compost
Step 7. Label and date


Step 8. Cover with newspaper or plastic hood to retain moisture and place in cool greenhouse.

Step 9. Start watering and place outside when germinated.


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