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The Horti's Allotment - June

Well, what a stunning month June has been on the west coast of Scotland, summer arrived with long days packed with sunshine. However it has brought its challenges down the allotment, with June arriving and departing with record high temperatures, sunshine and no rain, and during the middle of the month mother nature came back in avengence with Storm Hector.

June saw a slow start for newly sowed seeds, with not enough rain to help germinate. But that changed with the rain that followed Storm Hector.

Luckily despite an exposed site and gale force winds Storm Hector brought very little damage on the allotment- also proof of some very good skills in building bamboo structures!

June has seen the arrival of produce - with crops of strawberries, early potatoes being dug, sweet peas in flower, the first peas picked and courgettes cut - with the promise of more to come.

Some plots have been experiencing some naughty neighbours that have acquired a taste for blackberry bushes. Quickly structures have been erected to protect what is left!

With the sunshine and heat taking us from a blooming June, we're looking forward having a very productive July. If you are at Ardardan, take a stroll across the car park to see the allotments. And if you see anyone on their allotment do say hi!


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