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The Horti’s Gardening Calendar - May

Summer is definitely on the way. It is another very busy month both keeping on top of plants already in the ground and planting more tender crops.where.


Tips for May

- The potatoes should start coming through and need earthing up.

- Hoe regularly around the garden and in between the crops already sown.

- As the bulbs die down they will look a bit of a mess, but don’t be tempted to cut off the dying foliage as it feeds the bulbs for next year. Enjoy the late tulip display.

- Tender crops can now be sown. Runner and French beans can be sown directly into the soil. Two seeds at each station, then weed out the weakest. If there is likely to be a frost use fleece to protect the crop. If preferred they can be brought on in pots and then planted out at the end of the month. Cobra a climbing French bean grows well in Helensburgh.

- Greenhouse crops like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers can be planted into grow bags or pots.

- Plant out other crops that have been brought on like leeks.

- Sweet peas that have been pinched out can be planted this month. A tepee shape works well against the wind.

- Continue your succession of lettuce and salad leaves. Plant a small batch every couple of weeks to ensure a regular supply of salad leaves.

- If you watch out for a late frost and have some fleece or plant protection, pots and baskets can be made up and bedding plants put out. It is slightly risky, so watch the weather forecast carefully.

- Dahlias can now be planted out, but again watch out for a late frost. This can be left until June, especially in a late spring.

- Tie in climbing plants such as clematis to their supporting wires or trellis as they grow.

- We often have dry spells of weather this month, so keep on top of weeds by hoeing the flower and veg. beds. With any luck, weeds will die off without needing to remove them.

- In a dry spell water late in the day or the early morning, pots and baskets will need regular watering. Water regularly in the greenhouse. Use a liquid feed to improve production.

- Hang pheromone traps in apple trees if codling moth has been a problem making holes in last years fruit.

- Sow basil and coriander.


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