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The Horti's Allotment - April

Mother nature has been a slow starter this year, with cold temperatures and even hail being seen this month. However after a winter of browsing seed catalogues and planning crop rotations, the last few weeks have been a hive of activity on the allotment. With plots being weeded, turned over and prepared for the growing season ahead.

Onions and potatoes have been planted, with Red Barons being a favourite red onion, and Charlotte one of many varieties of early potatoes.

Currant bush

Currant bushes have suddenly come to life in the last couple of weeks - showing signs that summer (hopefully) is on its way.

Autumn planted garlic

Autumn planted garlic, has survived the winter and growing well - to be harvested in a couple of months.

However, most activity is currently in the greenhouse and potted shed: pricking out seeds and potting up plants, waiting for the soil to warm up and risk of frost to past before planting out tender plants. Roll on May!


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