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Virtual Summer Show 2021 Results

The results are in! Thanks to all that entered and the judges for reviewing the photographs. Below is a photo gallery of the winners and runners-up from each class, and a list of the names of all winners and runners-up (scroll down)


The People's Choice is the entry (from all class winners / runners-up) that is voted the favourite by you! We are delighted to say that the Vegetable Animal (bloodhound) by Blythe Brown is the People's Choice. Well done Blythe!


The winners and runners-up are displayed in the gallery below. Click on a photo to browse the gallery


1. One vase of sweet peas - 6 spikes, one species/cultivar. Winner = Bill Jones, Runner-up = Claire Davidson

2. One vase of herbaceous/perennials, three species/cultivar. Winner = Lesley Mcgowan, Runner-up = Christine Don

3. One vase roses mixed species/cultivar. Winner = Claire Davidson



4. Tiny treasures from my garden – a petite arrangement not exceeding 25 cm overall. Winner = Lesley Mcgowan



5. Two pot plants in flower, one per pot in 20 cm pots. Winner = Lesley Mcgowan, Runner-up = Stewart Campbell

6. One Patio container - single tier. Winner = Christine Don, Runner-up = Lesley Mcgowan



7. Three onions grown from seed or sets. Winner = Alison Ballance, Runner-up = Logan Brown and Trevor Glover

8. Nine pods runner beans. Winner = Christine Don, Runner-up = Bill Jones and Trevor Glover

9. Three blanch leeks. Winner = Christine Don, Runner-up = Damien Theaker

10. Twelve small - fruited tomatoes. Winner = Donald Ballance, Runner-up = Claire Davidson

11. Container of different vegetable species/cultivars (maximum six) suitable for the kitchen. Winner = Christine Don, Runner-up = Damien Theaker



Age up to 10yrs

12. An animal created from a variety of vegetables. Winner = Rowan Brown (age 6), Runner-up = Blythe Brown (age 10.5)


Age 11-16

13. Three bee -friendly plants, grown in a wacky recycled container. Winner = Logan Brown (age 12)



14. Perfect pollinators Winner = Claire Davidson, Runner-up = Jackie Theaker and Christine Don

Thanks again to all those that took part. Remember you can view all entries from the virtual show page.


If you are not a member of the Society, but are interested in joining - just visit our membership page, or complete the contact form and we will get back to you.

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